Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas
Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas

Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas

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You will get: 200ml shampoo, 200ml conditioner, 100ml serum, vitamins (1 month supply)
Suitable for all hair types

Carine and 609 others love 3X Hair Growth Kit

¡Los mejores productos del mercado para que el cabello luzca visiblemente sano desde el primer lavado!

¡Oferta temporal!

  • ✅ El cabello se mantiene limpio por más tiempo gracias a la rica espuma y la ausencia de sulfatos secantes.
    ✅ La fórmula 9 en 1 hidrata instantáneamente, agrega brillo, suavidad, fuerza, volumen y evita las puntas abiertas
    ✅ Calidad francesa
    ✅ Reduce la caída del cabello, acelera el ciclo de crecimiento del cabello
    ✅ Indicado para cabellos lisos y secos, puntas abiertas y débiles.

  • Libre de ingredientes peligrosos, SLS/SLES, siliconas, parabenos, sulfatos, ftalatos, no probado en animales, embalaje respetuoso con el medio ambiente.
    Lumorol K base de lavado para uso en productos para bebés.

  • 200 ml de champú
    200 ml de acondicionador
    100 ml de suero
    1 paquete de vitaminas (56 cápsulas)
    2 dosificadores
    1 spray

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Hair Growth Complex (1 month)

Strengthens and accelerates hair growth, this supplement deeply nourishes the hair follicle


"It is not so easy to find the perfect hair care. Since countless hairs fall out every day, and the shower is clogged all the time...

150-day Hair Growth Guarantee

Make your hair grow, or get your money back.

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Shipping from EU warehouse.

Long-lasting results

Our customer survey said that 91% customers grew thicker, stronger and softer hair.

Say Goodbye to Hairloss, Breakage, Damaged, Thin Hair.

Are you tired of haircare brands wasting your money with products that give a temporary effect, hiding the issue with chemicals rather than fixing the root of the problem?

With our innovative French formula, these hair problems are in the past. Get ready to transform your hair in as soon as 45 days

Why Thousands Of People Choose HAIRTWO?

How do you feel everytime you leave your hairdresser? Amazing, right?
That's the feeling, we deliver to you after every wash. 

Thanks to our perfectly balanced formula, you will have thicker, fuller, healthier and longer hair without any side effects.
Beauty salon quality - suitable for daily use at home.

Finally, Results You Have Been Looking For.


Experience The Luscious Hair Difference

Day 1:

Gently cleanses without irritating the scalp and nourishes with natural ingredients.

Day 30+:

You may see signs of reduced hair loss in the shower, in your comb or on your pillow.

Day 90+:

You will start to see the growth of new hair (baby hair) and your hair will look, feel stronger and healthier.

Formula That Actually Brings Results.

Clinical studies show that it takes at least 45 days to see the reduction in hair loss and 150 days to activate new hair growth.     

  • 89% less hair loss
  • 52% increase in hair volume
  • 38% increase in hair thickness
  • An average of 13,500 new hairs
  • 150-day clinical study.

Customer Reviews

Based on 489 reviews
I'm impressed with the formula

Nowadays, at least 80% of clients complain of hair loss!?
For some it's the after-effects of Covid, for others it's seasonal loss, for others it's vitamin deficiencies, stress or other problems...?
??I recommend you to try this @hair2official hair vitamin complex!?
I was most impressed with the exclusive formulation, not only do they stimulate hair growth, but hair will also grow stronger than before

I'm so excited to see the results!

Maybe it's time to let your hair down??????

Again, I'll say it again, but hair is definitely one of the most important parts of my look. That's why I take special care of it - I have a number of rituals just for it. ??????Are you spending enough time on YOUR hair?


Personally, I really liked it, it's shiny, smooth, light ??

Treatment for your hair

So at the weekend I thought Id treat myself to a luxury hair wash using my new hair products from @hair2official ??

The products are amazing! My favourite product is the 3D BIO-BOOST SERUM spray which improves your hair growth & gives you better hair quality.

Love these products

Hair loss is not a rare occurrence for me at DEJA. For one reason or another, I have to fight it. That's why I'm always on the lookout for really effective remedies for this problem!????????????

I love this product, I love the smell of it and the way it makes my hair feel. However, I hate th...

Love the smell and the good value

Gintarė B.
Fully in love

The best hair products ever used! Obviously grown hair after a month of use. All three hair products were used together.

My hair is soft and alive with this shampoo!!


So far, so good! Purchased the 4X Kit and have been using for around 4 weeks. Hair instantly felt...

Using for 4 weeks already

My hair starts looking healthier and shinier once again!

After using the HAIRTWO for two weeks I can see small hairs pushing true,and definitely less hairs on my hair brush.
Hair feels more smoot I am a believer now! Thank you and will definitely update after a few months
I will leave my honest opinion about this product,but so far so good,from my self 5 stars so far.

Kit Crecimiento Capilar 3X + Vitaminas