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HAIR GROWTH Derma Roller⁺

With 540 titanium 0.5mm microneedles that stimulate growth.

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If you are a male or female who experiences baldness, thinning hair, or hair loss, the Derma Roller⁺ can help. Used to penetrate the dermal layer, it boosts blood circulation, increases oxygen intake into the hair follicles, and stimulates cell production. This significantly enhances the absorption of any product applied to the skin immediately before or after a session of use — it can increase product absorption by up to 1000%

  • Can help with hair thinning or hair loss.
    Penetrates the dermal layer and increases oxygen intake.
    Causes microscopic wounds that activate the skin's natural healing response.
    Encourages hair growth.
    Easy, safe, effective method to help stimulate scalp hair growth for both men and women.

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We want you to ask questions.

Yes, the Derma Roller⁺ is suitable for all hair types and safe. It is clinically tested and TGA-approved.

The Microneedles are 0.5mm in length — just enough to penetrate the scalp but not enough to cause wounds.

The tiny pins of the HAIR GROWTH Derma Roller⁺ are not long enough to damage any existing follicles.

You should be using it on an area of scalp that is already bald, or along the hairline with fewer hair — it is most efficient when used on thinning or balding areas.

Clean the Derma Roller⁺ before and after every use with antibacterial soap. This eliminates dirt and bacteria to ensure that no bad stuff gets inside your scalp.

To clean, take an antibacterial soap and mix it with water in a mug. Place the Derma Roller⁺ inside the mug and leave for 1 minute.

Remove the Derma Roller⁺ from the mug and rinse with boiling water. Dry and place it back in its case or in a clean container, and never share it with others (let it be your little secret to ensure hygiene).

Rejuvenating your hair follicles, ensuring optimum hydration, and accelerating the regrowth stage may take a while.

While many see a difference immediately, some don’t—and that’s okay. It’s what’s happening inside the hair follicles that counts.

All in all, it can take 2-3 months for your hair to show significant increases in density and strength.

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